Thanks to his good friend, Jesse, Botanico is pleased to present Duncan Ford this coming Thursday night, 7 December. Jesse's percussive magic will accompany Duncan's amazing guitar work .
-Born under a blood red moon to a witch doctor mother in a Louisiana bayou, Duncan Ford crashed into this world splashing the muddy waters and howlin' at the heavens. He was given his first guitar at age one by a traveling merchant with brittle blue eyes; a man his mother once called daddy. Duncan never learned to speak the mother tongue and instead learned only to sing on his guitar, wailing his way through his early years, telling the stories of his mother’s grief with fretted prose and unbounded longing.
-At age 15 Duncan reached a crossroads in his life when a mysterious curse carried his mother from this world. Alone and cast adrift he was stirred to leave that place lest he befall the same fate. On foot, armed only with his neck slung voice box, and accompanied by his faithful mutt, Johnson, Duncan left Louisiana, never looking back; taking his tale of woe to the world. This week his travels bring him to Phnom Penh’s favourite watering hole, Botanico. Join us in the garden and hear his lament....