TURKISH DELIGHT DINNER PARTY - Turkish food is one of world’s top cuisines, joining the ranks of French, Chinese, Italian and the like. The food of Turkey, like the country’s cultural mosaic, is very colorful and contains countless different influences and tastes. The cuisine of the Turkey has continued to evolve over centuries, deriving influence from its the rich history of lands which hosted first the Byzantine, and then the Ottoman Empires. Turkish chef / DJ Onur Oezden hails from Antalya - the fastest-growing city in Turkey. More and more tourists are discovering its fabulous mix of great beaches and traditional Turkish culture. Before settling in the Penh, Onur ran his own restaurant in Siem Reap. At Meta, he will prepare a traditional Turkish 3-Course-Menu with a vegetarian option (20 USD including a glass of wine) and mix his favorite music. For reservation and detailed information please email