DJ Jenni-F , Asia Youngest Video Disc Jockey , Turntablist ,Remixer . Since 16 years of age (2012) ,DJ Jenni-F already played live for numerous event in Malaysia and overseas (etc. Taiwan, Cambodia, Singapore) and also crowned Champion for MAD DJ Competition(2013) . Dj Jenni-F is carving out a name for herself in the Local Bass Music Scene. Dj Jenni-F has found her comfort zone in HIP HOP & Bass music and EDM as her genre of choice , not forget to mention all of them are in Video Format , giving you the best of Audio and Visual experience. She has her own signature style of mixing which is clean and in her own way, giving respect to the individual tracks to let them shine, she is also able to do scratching technics, beat juggling. Her music selection is so far un-matched by dj’s in her age group in her Country. Dj Jenni-F has defined the meaning “Age Is Not A Problem” and proven to the crowd that she can rock the party . Will see the debut of her Brand New Video Mixtape along with her Video Mixing technique in the club near your crib! Kmeng Khmer is their official name. They started their band in 2015. They showed great interest in singing,dancing at a young age. They have two members in their band. Socheat (សង្ហា) is the main vocal and Punleur is the rapper.