"The Playboys blend rock, groove and pyschedelia with Khmer vocals and the traditional textures of the Tro Sau Toch, a Khmer bowed instrument. Brothers Mark and Ben Chattaway provide driving bass and drums while Uk Sokchiet and Bong Tro take care of vocals, guitar and tro. Frontman Chiet is good at rousing the audience into a frenzy and behind him the band plays loud and hard. Consequently their shows usually have great energy and an accompanying air of ’anything could happen."

J.Diamond -

"They are not limited to the Khmer 60s rock and play a range of traditional tunes as well as touching on western pop and rock with a unique Cambodian flavor. The great vocals and presence of Chiet up the front makes sure of that, and his energy fills the crowd with the essence of the rock culture - Cambodian style ;o). He is backed with a great array of rocking beats and dance-able rhythms.."

Kampot Playboys - simply the best band in the land - return to Oscar's for their tasty and inspired version of Cambodian rock'n'roll. $2 entry